Three years increase in validity of ‘No Objection’ certificate

Navi Mumbai: The No Objection Certificate of the Aviation Authority of India is required while determining the height of buildings in the Navi Mumbai Airport affected area (Naina). CIDCO had obtained this No Objection Certificate from the Aviation Authority in 2015 for all the buildings for the rehabilitation area of ​​the airport project victims. However, due to the expiration of this certificate last year, the development of the land allotted to the project affected people was hampered. CIDCO has extended the validity of the ‘No Objection’ certificate after three years by following up with the aviation authority to address the issue of project victims. Therefore, the plots allotted to the project affected people will be developed rapidly.

CIDCO has relocated ten villages for Navi Mumbai Airport. As 671 hectares of land would be required for the airport, there was no other option but to relocate these villages. Therefore, CIDCO has allotted 22.5 per cent developed plots to these project affected people under the scheme. CIDCO had allotted 12.5 per cent plots for Navi Mumbai city project under the scheme. In the same vein, CIDCO has given these plots in developed nodes of Pushpaknagar, Vahal and Vadghar while paying one of the best compensation in the country. Along with these plots, CIDCO has rehabilitated the old houses of the project victims by giving them three plots of land. Therefore, many project affected people have constructed buildings for residential houses in this rehabilitated node as per the plan. The project affected people have recovered the construction cost by selling some of the houses in this building while some of the project affected people have given these plots to the developers in partnership for development. While developing these plots allotted by CIDCO, the Airport Authority has imposed height limit on the project affected developers. The height limit depends on the distance from the airport and the runway.

In the Navi Mumbai Airport affected area, the authority had set a height limit of a few kilometers. CIDCO had in 2015 issued a height limit no-objection certificate for all but the deadline expired in 2020 as the developers were still facing difficulties in developing the allotted plots for rehabilitation. Therefore, the project affected and developers had to visit the office of the authority for this certificate while constructing the building. The development in this area was hampered as the developers had to face many difficulties in getting this no-objection certificate.

CIDCO Managing Director Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, realizing the plight of the project victims, has followed up with the Aviation Authority to extend the validity of the No Objection Certificate till 2024.

Development of plots up to a height of thirteen meters

Some of the provisions in the Integrated Development Control Regulations enacted by the state government in December last year have been implemented for the CIDCO sector. Therefore, the sector will get some benefits from the increased carpet index. Most of the plots in the airport resettlement area are 450 square meters. Smaller plots had to be built with one or two sides of their plot in common as they did not get high FSI. With the special efforts of CIDCO, these plots can be developed up to a height of 13 meters by 1.5 FSI.

Occupancy certificate for 34 projects

In addition to providing the best compensation to the airport project victims, CIDCO is taking some decisions in the interest and convenience of the project victims. CIDCO has approved construction of seven new proposals and issued occupancy certificates to 34 projects since the validity certificates were extended last month.

Due to the continuous efforts of CIDCO, the Aviation Authority has extended the validity period of No Objection Certificate in five out of six pockets. Therefore, there is no doubt that the development of the airport rehabilitation and rehabilitation sector will gain momentum. There has always been an attempt to solve the problems of the project victims.

Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Managing Director, CIDCO

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