Actress Visakha Subhedar has shared an emotional post.

Maharashtra’s Comedy Fair has been entertaining the audience for the last several years. This program is very popular in Maharashtra. Many comedians like Sameer Chowgule, Visakha Subhedar, Nikhil Bane, Namrata Sambherao are entertaining the audience. Recently, the cast of this series has been praised by the singer-songwriter Lata Mangeshkar. Against this backdrop, actress Visakha Subhedar has shared an emotional post.

Visakha Subhedar shared a post on Instagram. While sharing this post, they have also posted a photo of him. In this photo, two sarees are seen on his shoulders. It shows a paper written by Lata Mangeshkar in her own handwriting on the gifts in her hand.

What to say… Words lost and eyes began to roll… A parcel came home and there was a card on it and a “moment” came wrapped in shiny paper, which came with “happiness” and “happiness”! That’s where the name came from. And two seconds passed in sorrow .. Lata Mangeshkar…! They always see comedy and they like our work so they sent a gift of blessings. Appreciate the work they have done and the gift they have sent. ”

“I am dead. In fact, what more could God want?” For this I am permanent. I would like to thank Sachin Goswami and Sachin Mote and also Sony Marathi for creating us स्य Amit Phalke, Ajay Bhalvankar, and our entire Jatra team. Such a caption has been given by Visakha Subhedar.

Meanwhile, Empress Lata Mangeshkar always watches ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’. She is a huge fan of the show. He loves the humor of all the actors in this show. On this occasion, Lata Mangeshkar has sent special gifts for Sameer Chowgule and Visakha Subhedar. Lata Mangeshkar has also written a congratulatory message in her own handwriting on these gifts. Lata Mangeshkar has given information about how she appreciated the program by posting on social media.

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