Credit card seller becomes international cricketer; Definitely read if you are struggling with life!

Afghanistan recently selected their squad for the Under-19 Asia Cup and Under-19 World Cup. The Khyber Valley from Nangarhar province was also selected. Khyber Valley has emerged from a very conflict-ridden environment. He played cricket during the day and sold credit cards on the street at night to run the house. Khyber was selling credit cards until the team was selected and he continued to sell his cards even after receiving the news of the selection. The Afghanistan Cricket Board has posted a video telling the story of Khyber Valley.

Khyber Wali said, “I have been selling credit cards for the last 5-6 years. He plays cricket during the day and sells cards at night. ” Khyber had gone for the trial of the under-19 team. There the coach liked his batting and he included Khyber in the camp. His friend informed him of the team selection. He then presented a card to his friend. They were also given sweets. Khyber told him, “I don’t have any money to give you right now, but I will give you this credit card. From this you get gifts for yourself. You have given me very good news. Thank you my brother. ”

The owner of the shop where Khyber used to sell credit cards got the news. He expressed happiness by cutting a cake for Khyber. “I was able to sell only one card that night, but the joy of joining the team is like earning two lakh afghanis,” said Khyber Valley. Everyone was emotional when they heard about Khyber’s election. His mother started crying and neither Khyber nor his brothers could hold back their tears.

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About his struggle, Khyber said, “Once I was trying to sell the card till 11 pm, but no credit card was sold. I didn’t make any money that night. ” The coach at the academy where Khyber used to play said that he was a very good cricketer and worked very hard.

“Our family is poor and everyone runs a household by doing odd jobs. Khyber started playing eight years ago. But seeing the situation at home, he started working. He kept playing during the day. He got hurt, that his mother used to do massage etc. I work as a passenger in an auto. I am very happy to see the success of Khyber today, “said Shakir, Khyber’s brother.

The Under-19 Asia Cup was scheduled to start in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on November 18, 2020, but was postponed due to coronary heart disease. Now the ninth season of the tournament will be played in UAE from 20 December 2021 to 02 January 2022.

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