Padmini’s comment on Shraddha’s post is currently under discussion.

The marriage of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal is currently being discussed. It is said that they will get married tomorrow. Inside, actress Shraddha Kapoor is said to be getting married. Shraddha is said to have been in a relationship with photographer Rohan Shrestha for the last several years. The couple has been rumored to be engaged for the past few years. Meanwhile, now Shraddha’s aunt and actress Padmini Kolhapure has hinted at their marriage.

Padmini has shared a recreated version of his song Yeh Galiyaan Yeh Chaubara. He is the one who sang this song. Shraddha shared this song from her Instagram account. Commenting on this post of Shraddha, Padmini said, I will sing at your and Vedika’s wedding. After seeing Padmini’s comment, there are rumors that Shraddha will get married soon.

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Talking to Bollywood Life about the song, Padmini said, “It has been close to my heart since the song was shot and I want to sing it at my daughter’s wedding. For me, Shraddha and Vedika are like my daughters. I wanted to sing this song at my son’s wedding but I could not sing it because it was not performed then. Since the song Yeh Galiyaan Yeh Chaubara is close to my heart, I want to thrive on that song once again and bring the relationship between mother and daughter to the world.

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