Ankita Lokhande’s wedding ceremony is between 12 to 14 December.

Bollywood actress Ankita Lokhande is getting married to boyfriend Vicky Jain. The whole family is preparing for it. Their wedding will be held from December 12 to December 14. Meanwhile, Ankita’s marriage has been disrupted. Something has happened to Ankita that she has been admitted to the hospital.

According to Pinkvilla, Ankita has been admitted to hospital with a leg injury. Doctors have advised her to rest and Ankita has been brought home. The cause of Ankita’s leg injury is not yet clear.
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Ankita had earlier shared a video of the pre-wedding celebration on her social media account. The video went viral on social media. Their pre-wedding function was done in Marathi manner.

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Ankita and Vicky have been in a relationship for almost three and a half years. Recently, a video of Ankita and Vicky at a Diwali party went viral on social media. Ankita and Vicky Bhar were seen kissing each other at the party. Before Vicky Jain, Ankita and the late actor Sushant Singh were in a Rajput relationship. They had a breakup after dating for a few years. Now Ankita is going to marry Vicky Jain.

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