Actor Arvind Trivedi was 82 years old.

Actor Arvind Trivedi, who played the role of Ravana in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’, has passed away. Arvind Trivedi was 82 years old. Arvind Trivedi breathed his last in Mumbai on Tuesday night. Arvind Trivedi was ill for a long time. He suffered a heart attack late Tuesday night, after which his organs stopped working. According to eTimes, this information was given by Arvind Trivedi’s nephew Kaustubh Trivedi. Arvind Trivedi was born in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. He started his career in Gujarati theater. His brother Upendra Trivedi is a well known name in Gujarati cinema and he has acted in Gujarati films.

Arvind Trivedi was famous for his role as Ravana in the Ramayana. Arvind Trivedi portrayed Ravana in such a powerful role that all the other actors in front of him still look pale on TV. People still love that bang and their walking style. Whenever Ramayana comes on TV, the audience sits down to watch their favorite Ravana. Arvind Trivedi’s character of Ravana was so popular that every character who played this character in Ram Leela was inspired by his role.

Actor Sunil Lahiri, who plays Laxman in Ramayana, has expressed grief over Arvind’s death. Sunil wrote on Twitter, ‘The sad news is that our dear Arvind Bhai is no longer with us. May God give peace to their souls. I have lost my mentor and a wonderful person who was like my father. Apart from Sunil Lahiri, many artists and fans have paid homage to Arvind Trivedi on social media.

Work was done in 300 films

Arvind Trivedi won the hearts of the audience by becoming Ravana in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, on the other hand, he had made a big place for himself with his excellent acting in many Gujarati films. He contributed to Gujarati films for almost 40 years. In addition, he was also known for records and trolls. Arvind Trivedi had acted in about 300 films including Hindi and Gujarati films.



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