Bhagat singh born on 28 Spt, 1907 in Banga which is in India that time. Bhagat sing went to Kanpur and he did job of newspaper seller in Kanpur. In 1925 Bhagat singh and his friends established ‘NAVJAWAN BHARAT SABHA’. He established Hindustan republic association. He wrote articles in news paper. He made his revolutionary team to make India free from British.

He started his work with Chandrasekhar Azad, rajguru and sukhdev. This all people don’t believe in caste discrimination and religion discrimination. They only believe in a country love. These five freedom fighters established Hindustan socialist republican association. The purpose of this association was to make India free from British. And also to give justice to farmers and workers.

To collect a weapons and money at association has new branch a name was Hindustan socialist republican army. British appointed Simon commission in India for develop a society. But all members in Simon commission were a British. So’ Bhagat singh was don’t agree with that.

In this time Lala Lajapat Rai was died because British. Because of that Hindustan socialist republican association made aggressive about British government. Bhagat singh, sukhdev, rajguru, jaigopal and Chandrasekhar azad did a murder of English officer Sanders. Bhagat singh was taking an education of manufacturing bomb by Jatindranath das. In this time British government was trying to pass a public safety bill.

By doing this British take more and more power in India . Bhagatsing started to go to oppose to this bill. Because Bhagat singh knows very well that by this bill British fully made a power on India. He flagged a red flag for appose this bill and he surrendered to Britisherswith smile and without fear. He went to jail with saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’.

British made them punishment of crucify. On 23 march 1931 sukhdev, Rajguru and bhagatsingh faces death with smile. He sacrifices his life for country. That is a real life. He teaches everyone by his work that country is first. Country’s freedom is first and it’s our responsibility to do something for country.

When he was young his father planned his marriage. That time he refused his father plan of marriage and left his house and wrote a note for family. in this note he says I don’t give my heart to one girl. I already give this heart to my country. So all that says is thinking level of bhagat singh was extraordinary and he is also extra ordinary person.


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