Bharti Singh is known as the first female comedian in the field of TV. Comedian Bharti Singh has achieved great success in the world of entertainment. Bharti Singh tied the knot with writer Harsh Limbachia in 2017. Comedian Bharti Singh is rumored to be a mother soon. In 2022, new guests will arrive at Harsh and Bharati’s house.

According to the Hindustan Times, a person close to Bharti and Harsh said that Bharti was pregnant. “Bharti is in the early stages of pregnancy. So she is currently resting. Because of this she has stopped all other work including comedy shows. She spends most of her time at home. She avoids going out of the house, ”said the man.

When contacted by Hindustan Times, Bharti Singh said, “I have been talking about being pregnant for the last several days. But I will not hide or deny anything about my pregnancy. But when the right time comes, I will speak openly. No one can hide such things. So when I want to talk about it, I will say it. ”

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Though Bharti Singh is currently on leave, she will resume work soon. It is rumored that she will soon be appearing in Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. However, no official information has come to light in this regard.

Cineworld’s ‘Laughter Queen’

Currently, Bharti is seen on the stage of ‘Dance Deewane’ with her husband Harsh Limbachia. Bharti started her career with the show Indian Laughter Challenge. In this show, Bharti had played a character named ‘Lalli’. This character starred her overnight. It was only after this show that Bharati’s career got direction. Today, she reigns supreme in the movie industry as the ‘Laughter Queen’.

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