‘Jannat Mirchi Ice Cream Roll’ is making waves on social media.

Ninety topics are discussed on social media every day for one reason or another. Earlier, there was a lot of talk about Orio Bhaji and Rasgulla Chat. Now, ‘Jannat Mirchi Ice Cream Roll’ is making waves on social media. Even netizens have gone crazy watching this video. This clip has been shared on social media by Indore-based food blogger Rishabh Singh. The video has gone viral on social media after being shared on YouTube channel Spoon of Indore 2.0. Millions of people have watched this video so far. Also, thousands of people have liked and shared.

The video is of a street food vendor making chili ice cream rolls. While watching this video, many are wondering, can ice cream really be made from chili? But this is true. On the streets of Indore, some food vendors will be seen making ice cream from chillies and other things on their stalls. In this video the shopkeeper makes small pieces of pepper. Then spread the chili, milk cream and chocolate together. He then mixes these three things well. After mixing properly, roll it and serve in ice cream plate, garnish with chilli.

After watching the video, the user is making funny comments. “We are in dire need of an Indian Food Abuse Control Bureau,” wrote one netizen. “Then the chili will not be spicy,” wrote another user. From Maggi milkshakes to Orio bhaji and chili ice cream, people got a feast of exotic food this year.

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