Shiv Sena’s agreement to take over the seat at Bhandarli, almost before the election

Thane: The ruling Shiv Sena has taken steps to close the Diva landfill with the help of the administration, considering the possibility of landfill issue in the Diva area having more than eight wards in the municipal elections. As part of this, an agreement was reached on Thursday to acquire land for setting up a temporary landfill at Bhandarli outside the municipal area. The administration is planning to start a waste disposal project at Bhandarli from January 1.

Thane Municipal Corporation generates 1,050 tons of waste per day. Out of this 125 tons of waste is processed scientifically under various projects and compost is made from it. The remaining 600 tons of wet garbage was being dumped on the landfill. There are various types of fires in this landfill and the citizens have been disturbed due to this smoke. There was a demand to remove this landfill. In the last election, eight Shiv Sena corporators were elected from Diva constituency. In this year’s elections, the issue of landfills was expected to be a problem for the authorities. With this in mind, the ruling Shiv Sena, with the help of the administration, has rented space to set up a temporary landfill at Bhandarli. An agreement was reached on Thursday to take possession of the land after the general body approved the proposal. The work of scientific disposal of waste at this site will be completed in the next two weeks. Efforts are also being made to obtain all the necessary governmental approvals for the project. It is planned to start this project from January 1. Performed by Vipin Sharma.

Diva landfill leveling

The waste project at Diaghar will take about a year to start. But the waste segregation process will be started at that place in six months. At this place, the waste collected at the Diva landfill will be taken and processed. In this way, the landfill site will be restored. Also, large housing complexes need to set up a waste disposal project, for which they have been given an extension. At present we do not have a system for waste disposal so we cannot force housing complexes. However, Commissioner Sharma said that after the commencement of the planned project of the municipality, it will force the housing complexes to set up waste disposal projects.

The planning of the new landfill was like this.

  • Municipal Corporation has leased about 10 acres of private land at Bhandarli for waste disposal. The landlord will be paid Rs 20 lakh per month at the rate of Rs 5 50 paise for this land.
  • In the initial proposal, a proposal to levy rent of Rs. 9 crore for one year was approved. So it was a sign that the whole process was in dispute. In this case, Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde had requested to reduce the rent by holding a meeting with the land owners.
  • The wet waste in the project will be disposed of in a scientific manner and compost will be made from it. So, the dry waste will be separated and given for recycling, informed Municipal Corporation Deputy Commissioner Manish Joshi.

With the availability of space at Bhandarli, Diwasi will be relieved of the waste problem. The Municipal Corporation will take care that the land at Bhandarli is far from the urban areas and the waste will be disposed of in a scientific manner.

Naresh Mhaske, Mayor

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