The day the earth turned into a cemetery! That is the tagline of this poster.

Posters of the non-existent film titled The Omicron Variant have gone viral on social media after two patients were diagnosed with the Omicron variant of the Corona in India on Thursday. The science-fiction and horror-themed poster depicts two people staring at the starry sky. Behind them is an ant with a bloody hand. The day the earth turned into a cemetery! That is the tagline of this poster.

#OmicronVarient started trending on Twitter after two cases of Omicron were reported in India. Meanwhile, a clear poster of the movie “The Omicron Variant” has gone viral on social media. The movie is said to have been released in 1963.

The alleged poster once again fueled speculation that Corona was a conspirator. Netizens also say that the epidemic has been planned for a long time. Director Ram Gopal Varma also shared the poster.

Meanwhile, a photoshopped poster promoting a non-existent film called ‘The Omicron Variant’ is being used to deceive some social media users into believing that the corona virus is planned. However, this poster is based on the theme of science fiction and horror.

The poster was created by Irish director Becky Chital. The poster for his 1974 Spanish film Sucesos en la cuarta fase (Phase 4) has been edited to create a fake The Omicron Variant poster.

The translation of the tagline on the Spanish poster was “The Day The Earth was turned into a cemery!” That’s it. Chital said on Twitter that the poster, which he had created for entertainment, was fake because the name Covid-19 sounded like a classic science-fiction movie.

Meanwhile, cases of omecron have also been found in India. The Union Ministry of Health on Thursday said that two cases of omecron have been detected in Karnataka.

“Both men had traveled through South Africa. They are being monitored, “said Balram Bhargava, Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research (IMRC). “Mild symptoms have been reported so far in all cases involving omecron. In all such cases, at home and abroad, there were no serious symptoms of Omicron infection, “the health ministry said.

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