There are definitely a lot of dusty sarees in Indian women’s wardrobe. Women get bored of reusing used sarees. So here are some special tips for you

There are definitely a lot of sarees in Indian women’s wardrobe. Your look in saree also looks traditional and stylish. The special thing about sari is that you can easily carry it on any occasion. From office to casual gathering and from puja to party, sari is the right attire. Although many women nowadays wear modern and stylish clothes, sometimes they like to wear sari. In such a situation they have many types of sarees. After wearing sari 4 to 5 times, women often get bored of wearing it again. This is because women get bored with the look of that sari or you can’t wear your expensive sari again even after the sari gets old.

At such times your old sari keeps eating dust in some corner of the cupboard. If you also have old sarees and you are not wearing them for the sake of new look, then using some simple tricks you can give a new and stylish look to your old saree. Let’s find out. Tips and tricks to carry old sarees in a new way

Blouse design plays an important role in transforming any saree from traditional to modern look. You can get a stylish look by adding new designs to your old saree. Wear a peplum or crop top style blouse with an old saree.

You can also change your look according to the way you wear the sari. The saree can be draped in pants style. Apart from this you can adopt a different style in Pallu.

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You can make your look stylish by considering your choice of jewelery and accessories along with saree. Style yourself with statement jewelry, trendy jewelry.

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You can change your hairstyle and get a new look on any old saree. If you often do bun, curl your hair or tie it in a stylish way.

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