Outrage among residents as work continues to be incomplete despite payment to contractor

Navi Mumbai: It has come to light that some forms of non-performing payments have been made during the Coronation period and a similar incident has taken place in the case of a pedestrian bridge in Ghansoli. The administration has forgotten about the pedestrian bridge connecting Ghansoli Sector 6 and 7 and this work is in a partial state. Therefore, the citizens here have expressed their displeasure.

During the Coronation period, there was a pattern of payment laundering without maintenance of the parks. Some of the same things seem to have happened in other works as well. A big nalla has gone through Ghansoli sector 6 and 7.

A pedestrian bridge connecting Sector 6 and 5 is on the Nala. But to get to Sector 7 to 10 area, citizens have to take a big detour. In order to reduce this problem, the municipal administration had undertaken the work of constructing a pedestrian bridge and footpath between Sector 6 and 7. But for the last eleven months, the work has been incomplete. This sidewalk is covered with trees and grass on both sides. Only the skeleton of the iron bridge has been installed. Also lighting system has not been provided on this road and nala. All this work has been partially abandoned. No work has been done at this place for the last eleven months. Therefore, there is no planning in this work, said Kamal Naik, a resident here.

When inquired by the engineers of the municipality, he admitted that the work was incomplete and said that the work would be completed soon and the electrical department would be informed about the installation of street lights. However, it is coming to light that electric lights are not included in this work. Praveen Gadhe, Executive Engineer, Electricity Department, said that we will install electric poles only if it is mentioned in the tender.

Forget work

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has registered a protest against the concerned officer for forgetting the work which was left incomplete. Regarding this, Sandeep Galugade of Manas said that if the work is incomplete, it will be done sooner or later. But it is terrible to forget work. Even the engineers could not identify the site after showing some photographs of the work done.

A safe place for alcoholics and gamblers

Pruning of tree branches on this footpath needs to be done regularly. But it does not happen. Also the grass has grown a lot. Therefore, daytime citizens are afraid to walk this path.

It is impossible to travel at night. Maya Jagtap, a resident of Khant, has said that this road has become a haven for alcoholics and gamblers. A skeleton has been installed on the pedestrian bridge to cover the roof, but no letters have been laid on it yet, said Pandurang Zadbuke.

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