Tokyo – Fumio Kishida is set to become Japan’s new prime minister after winning the election on Wednesday. They need to address the deteriorating economy and the new security threats posed by the Corona.



Japan’s deposed Prime Minister Yoshihida Suga has resigned, to be replaced by a new leader. Suga was given a one-year term. He was sworn in as the country’s prime minister last September. Kishida will form the government under his leadership in the Parliament session on Monday.



A total of four candidates were in the fray for the PM’s job. But Kishida defeated the other three by an overwhelming majority. The declining Prime Minister Suga did not handle the Corona situation in the country properly, which angered the people.



At the same time, he unilaterally insisted on holding the Olympics in the country during the Corona era, and he has had to resign due to the anger of his political rivals over his hosting of the Games.

Japan will hold general elections in the next two months. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party has changed its leadership, making it difficult to win those elections under Suga. Kishida is a former Foreign Minister of Japan.



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