Passengers and rickshaw pullers in the railway station area without masks

Thane: Despite repeated calls from the state government to adhere to the rules, including the cover, to prevent the spread of the corona omecron virus, many people seem to be flouting the rules in the busiest railway station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčThane.

Many people are moving around the railway station and in the area without a cover and the rickshaw puller is transporting four passengers without any hesitation. Despite such a picture in the central part of the city, it is surprising that no action is being taken by the municipal administration. The number of daily hawkers is also increasing in this area and it is still being ignored.

At present there are 308 active patients of Corona in Thane Municipal Corporation area. Every day 30 to 35 crore patients are found in the city. Over the last few days, patients infected with the Omeicron virus have been found in the country and the state. Although Omycron patients have not yet been found in Thane city, the municipal administration is taking precautionary measures against the background of its infection, senior officials claim. Along with the state government, the Thane municipal administration is constantly appealing to the citizens to abide by the Corona rules. Even after this appeal, there is a picture of citizens walking in different parts of the city without masks. Citizens are also crowding in many places, leading to fears of an increase in coronary heart disease.

Bajajpuri at the railway station

Even in the railway station area in the central part of Thane city, rickshaw pullers are ignoring the rules. It is feared that this negligence will increase the risk of corona. Commissioner Dr. Vipin Sharma has given from time to time. In fact, it is seen that only the officers and employees working at the ward level of the Municipal Corporation are not following the orders of the Commissioner.

Rickshaw pullers transport passengers through Thane station area. More than four passengers are being transported illegally in these rickshaws. Many rickshaw pullers walk around the station area without a mask. However, seeing the rush hour and the queues at the TMT bus stand, the passengers also get sick. Autorickshaw drivers have also set up illegal stops near railway police outposts from where they transport passengers. Autorickshaw drivers violating the cover and safe distance rules are stopped by the municipal security guards and instructed to abide by the rules. Sources said that some rickshaw pullers also complain about them.

Autorickshaw drivers along with citizens should abide by Karona rules in Thane railway station area. With the help of traffic police, action will be taken against the rickshaw pullers violating the rules at this place.

Sandeep Malvi, Additional Commissioner, Thane Municipal Corporation

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