Milan, (Italy) – Young environmental activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate have sharply criticized the international community for failing to provide funding for measures to curb climate change and for just blabbering on. The duo have also expressed doubts about the intentions of the Youth Environment Council in Italy.



A three-day conference of 400 young environmental activists from 180 countries is being held in Milan, Italy. Based on the resolutions of this conference, recommendations will be sent to the United Nations World Environment Council. The United Nations World Environment Conference will be held in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31.



However, the youth activists demanded that the leaders attending the international conference should be aware of their responsibilities and that the Youth Environment Council should be given a wider official role. But in reality, none of the young activists are being listened to. Air emissions continue around the world. There is no control over that, Thunberg said.



It also pledged to provide 100 billion euros to countries affected by climate change. But in reality, nothing like that happened. Vanessa Nakate, a 24-year-old young environmental activist in Uganda, says that the effects of climate change are becoming more pronounced in Vanuatu, California and Greece, as well as in Germany and Belgium.



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