The Zoom call is being talked about all over the world and in this call 900 employees were laid off. This number is 15% of the total number of employees. in the US is currently the talk of the world. However, the discussion is not for a positive reason but because of a decision taken by the company’s founder and CEO Vishal Garg. Garg, who owns the company, told 900 employees in New York that he was losing his job in a three-minute zoom call. The video of this zoom meeting is currently being discussed around the world. Garg had made a zoom call with staff last Wednesday. In the same meeting, Garg fired 900 employees. This figure is 15% of the total number of employees in the company. While netizens around the world are reacting differently after this news, famous entrepreneur Harsh Goenka has also expressed his anger over this issue.

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What happened
The news that Garg is of Indian descent is well received in India. This video of Vishal interacting with employees around the world has become a topic of discussion. The holiday season is in full swing in many countries around the world, including the United States. Earlier, the company had cut a large number of employees considering cost cutting. There was no indication that the company would make such a drastic cut. is investing in a soft bank in Japan. The company is valued at 7 billion.

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Who is Garg?
Vishal Garg is the founder and CEO of This is a digital first home ownership company. According to LinkedIn, Garg is also a founding partner of One Zero Capital. Earlier this year, Garg donated मिल 2 million to public school students in New York City to enable them to study without interruption during the Corona period. The money donated by Garg was used to provide iPad and internet services to financially weak students.

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What did Garg say when he fired his employees from Zoom Call?
Company employees have posted a video on social media in this regard. According to him, the company handed out pink slips to the employees in just three minutes. ‘The market has changed. We have to keep struggling. That is why you should accept this decision and move on, ‘said Garg to the staff. Garg had earlier said that employees do not contribute much to the company. After that, you only work two hours while expressing your objection regarding working hours, said Garg. Garg further said that after the call, you will receive an email from HR dismissing him.

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What did Goenka say?
“I am very sorry for the 900 employees who were fired by Vishal Garg from Zoom Call. This is completely wrong. He should have said this by sitting in front of everyone, actually meeting face to face. It should not have been done before Christmas and with ७५ 750 million in funding, “Goenka tweeted in a viral video of the call. He also expressed his anger in mild words, saying, “Such things give the corporate sector the tag of heartless.”

In 2020, Forbes reported that Garg accused employees of being lazy.

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