If you have been to a funeral or a funeral service, you must have guessed at the atmosphere and the situation. It is common for people to cry over the loss of a loved one, with sad faces and a calm atmosphere. For this reason, many people avoid attending funerals. Many people say that seeing earthly causes fear and despair. But a woman in England loves to go to funerals. That is why she has so far attended the funerals of 150 strangers.

Jean Trend Hill is a 55-year-old actress living in the Islington area of ​​London. He also loves art and photography. But the shocking thing is that they are very interested in something strange. It is because of their strange hobbies that they are always in the news. Jean likes to go to strangers’ funerals. According to The Sun, Jean attends the funerals of at least four strangers a month.

According to Jean, her 56-year-old father died of a lung infection when she was 14 years old. The genes were then completely worn out. While recovering from this, six years later, when Jean was 20 years old, he started to have maternal grief. He was devastated when his father died. Since Jean felt that he had to prepare for the death of his loved one, he had already prepared for his mother’s funeral. After the death of his parents, Jean was approached by his relatives to prepare for the funeral. They are sad to see so many of your acquaintances leaving you. To recover from this, they started going to the funerals of strangers.

Jean then began to spend more time in the cemetery. Pictures of funerals in the cemetery began to emerge. He has attended the funerals of more than 150 strangers in the last 10 years. “When I go to the cemetery, I feel close to my parents,” Jean said. They say that we are very religious and that we believe that there is a world after death and that the dead go to another world. Jean now takes care of the cemetery.

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