The Chanakya policy states many important things related to the welfare of human society.

Acharya Chanakya has given instructions on almost all aspects of life in his policy. Whether it is a matter related to money or marital life, Chanakya’s policies are still considered relevant today. The Chanakya policy states many important things related to the welfare of human society. It is said that a person who adopts these policies in his life will never have any problem. Acharya Chanakya has also said some things to live a happy married life. Chanakyaji said that what is the most important thing in married life. Let’s find out.


Chanakya who believes that it is very important to have faith in husband and wife. If they do not trust each other, their lives will be spent in quarrels and disputes. So there is no room for doubt in married life. People who have love and faith, their lives are always happy.

Chanakya who believes that in marriage, husband and wife should consult each other and resolve any issues together. Because doing so strengthens faith. Husbands and wives who are more confident in their relationship than in themselves can easily overcome difficult situations. The Chanakya Niti also states that in a house where there is love, respect for elders and peace, there is the fragrance of Mother Lakshmi.


Acharya Chanakya who believes that respect in marriage is essential for a happy life. Because if there is no respect in married life, there can be bitterness in the relationship. Sometimes a relationship breaks up. Husbands and wives should always respect each other. Apart from this, Chanakya who believes that if there is a dispute between husband and wife over something, such things should not be shared with anyone. Because doing so can cause a rift in your relationship.

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