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There are only a handful of golf courses in the state’s major cities. In Mumbai, however, there will be two golf courses one after the other. One of them is a golf course built by CIDCO in Kharghar Sector 22. In fact, the golf course was to be built with 18 holes, but CIDCO had to reduce the number of holes in the golf course due to the Forest Department’s clear refusal to provide 22 acres of land in the Pandavakada area. The former golf course was designed to international standards. This number has been increased from 18 to 11 holes due to the refusal of the forest department to provide land. CIDCO is trying to get that land. This low-hole golf course does not allow international golfers to return to the golf course. Therefore, CIDCO has to take several measures to attract them to this golf course.

The golf course is considered to be the sport of the super rich. So the general public has nothing to do with this game. Thousands of acres are being spent on the playground to fulfill the wishes of a handful of congregations. While spending the strategic land at Kharghar for the game, some of the top officials of CIDCO have a wealth of people playing the game and have access to various means of transportation. So this golf course is worth walking even if the ground is developed in a difficult space. Instead, it was suggested that a housing complex for the common, middle class should be set up on this land. However, due to the lifestyle of the then managing directors, CIDCO has set up this golf course in a strategic location.

The head of CIDCO is not aware of the pulse of the common man. For CIDCO, the golf course is currently being fed as a white elephant. CIDCO has so far spent crores of rupees for the maintenance and repair of this golf course. With a golf course just 10 kilometers away, CIDCO has given permission for construction of a housing project in Nerul Sector 60 on Palm Beach Road. The project with a golf course on 35 hectares of land is not owned by CIDCO but the efforts made by CIDCO for this are beyond the comprehension of the common man. The government lifted the reservation of a total of 80 hectares of land on the west side of Palm Beach Road in October 2016. The area, which has dense forest, Kandalvan and wetland lands, has been converted into a one-day residential area with pre-existing forestry. It is clear that the reservation raised by the state government was intended to benefit a developer. This land has been acquired by a developer from Vashi from the project affected people here 40 years ago. The land affected by the project was sold as it was no longer of any use. It’s time to dump her and move on. Since the land was not acquired by CIDCO, it was in the possession of the developer. The developer had been trying for the last 18 years to have a project here. But he has had success recently. This entire land has been taken by an entrepreneur (off the record) in the country. So the old developer is now getting instant permissions. As the reservation has been lifted for the last several years, the developer has prepared a plan for 17 buildings and submitted it to Maharashtra for approval. It is noteworthy that the state government has given all the planning and building permit rights of CIDCO’s municipal area in North Navi Mumbai to the municipal administration. However, the building permit rights of this area are reserved to CIDCO. The purpose is to get the project up and running as soon as possible and to operate another golf course on Palm Beach Road for an elite population. An Ahmedabad-based organization has claimed that all these lands are wetlands. The area is home to a large number of flamingo birds. Navi Mumbaikars have seen him sitting for hours in this area. Apart from this 80 hectare area, there is a residential and a training center in the north-south area. A housing project with a golf course will now be set up in this open area. More than one and a half thousand residents will come to live in this housing project. This golf course and housing project complements Navi Mumbai Airport. So many officers and office bearers have been working for five or six years to make it happen. They are going to do well in this project. Needless to say. Some social activists had approached the Mumbai High Court against the project, which is based on natural biodiversity. Mumbai High Court orders cancellation of housing project The case has now been taken to the Supreme Court on behalf of the state and CIDCO. The project has already been launched following a Supreme Court ruling. Maharashtra will not be left without a green light for the project as it gets the necessary environmental clearances. The developer who built this project is strong. Behind him is now the richest entrepreneur in the country. So everything is going to be alright and this golf course project is likely to get in the way. This forest, which supplies oxygen to the people of Navi Mumbai, is about to lose its habitat. The public is silent as the deforestation in this area is taking place. Social activists do not have the financial strength to fight the battle in the Supreme Court. Therefore, a well-equipped, up-to-date golf course, a high-end project for developers, entrepreneurs, officials and office bearers, is expected to be set up by Navi Mumbaikars soon.

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