Mechanical cleaning, if done by private employees, will result in criminal charges

Vasai: Sewage tanks and underpasses of city buildings will be cleaned mechanically only by trained cleaners of the municipality. Private employees are prohibited from cleaning the sewage tank and violating it will result in criminal charges. For the convenience of the citizens, the corporation has set up its own system consisting of trained staff.

In India, cleaners descend into the tank while cleaning the dirt tank between buildings and residences. They do not have any safety equipment or training so many die. In India, a janitor dies every three days while cleaning sewage tanks and gutters. Similar incidents have taken place in Vasai-Virar city. Municipal Corporation has taken strict steps to prevent it. It is forbidden for any private ISM to clean the sewage tank in a human manner. Violation of this will result in legal action being taken against the janitors under the Sanitation Friends Rehabilitation Act 2013.

The municipality has set up its own system for cleaning the sewage tanks in residential and commercial complexes. For this, BMC has brought one automatic dirt tank vehicle and suction pump for each of the 9 wards. Each vehicle has 4 trained cleaners. If demanded by the citizens, this vehicle will go and clean the sewage and underground sewers mechanically. For this, the corporation has fixed a rate of Rs. 1000 per vehicle. The sludge from the tank will be discharged into the wastewater treatment plant. For this, GPS system has been installed on every vehicle.

Beware of dirty tanks from private individuals

Cleaning of sewage and underground sewers by private individuals is prohibited by law for the cleanliness of the city. Doing so is punishable by 2 years imprisonment and 5 years imprisonment. A provision of Rs 10 lakh has been made in case of death of the cleaner. The administration has appealed for mechanical cleaning by contacting for cleaning.

Toll free number

In the past, sewage tanks or underground gutters were being cleaned by anyone. That method was inhumane and even costly to the employees. The municipality has set up its own system for this. For the convenience of citizens, toll free number 14420 has been started. You can report or request this number. The service is available 24 hours a day and can be used to send messages via WhatsApp. Each dirt tank must be cleaned once every three years. For this, the municipality has started public awareness by sending leaflets in this regard to every residential complex. Due to these efforts, the municipality has come 29th in the Safai Mitra Challenge.

Giving priority to the safety of cleaning friends, the municipality has set up its own system for cleaning sewage tanks and underground sewers. Its rates have been fixed at (155) and a toll free number has also been introduced for the convenience of the citizens.

Ajinkya Bagade, Deputy Commissioner, Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation

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