Those who follow Chanakya’s policies never fail in life.

The great thinker Acharya Chanakya is very famous for his strategies. Chanakyaji had played an important role in making Chandragupta Maurya the emperor of Magadha on the strength of his policies. Acharya Chanakya was well versed in almost all the issues of the society, so he also formulated a policy for the welfare of the society. In this policy Chanakyaji has given instructions on almost all issues including money, wealth, wife and friendship.

Though it is difficult to listen to Acharya Chanakya’s thoughts, those who follow Chanakya’s policies never fail in life. Chanakyaji has told a story in his ethics, which completely destroys man’s happiness and peace. That is the ‘fear of slander’, every human being wants to live with dignity.

According to Chanakya, man’s greatest fear is notoriety. Fear of slander always haunts man. Some people are always afraid that we should do something that will bring disrepute in the society. Dishonesty completely robs a person of happiness and peace.

Chanakya who believed that as much as one has to work hard to get respect, slander loses all its prestige in an instant. Therefore, when the fear of slander afflicts a person, all his happiness and peace are taken away.

According to Chanakyaji, slander is a fear which, if it reigns supreme over a person’s head, will drive society away from him. Fear of slander can put a strain on a person. So Acharya Chanakya who believes that one should think once before taking any step. Because the wrong decision can bring them into disrepute in the community.

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