Actress Kamya Punjabi had posted a video on her Instagram account. Kamya got angry over the comment.

Actress Kamya Punjabi is always in the news because of her social media posts or her statements. As a result, she is often trolled on social media. Kamya had recently posted a video on social media. Kamya Punjabi is very angry over the comment made by a user. She immediately responded to the relevant trolls and asked questions in harsh words. Kamya has immediately responded to this comment which has been teasing Punjabi since her first marriage. This is her answer.

Video posted by Kamya on Instagram

Kamya had posted a video on her Instagram account on Wednesday, December 8. Kamya is seen talking about women empowerment in this video. On the same video, a user made a comment that trolled her. “You couldn’t save your own marriage. Divorced. Then another marriage took place. It’s too much, “said the user, after which Kamya got angry with him.

“I have no right to be happy?”

Kamya immediately responded to this user’s comment. “So what? Do I have no right to be happy or to live? Do women want to die because of divorce? Does a divorce end a woman’s life? Every woman should raise her voice against people who think like you and they are doing so. Don’t make me weak. I am a girl, I can fight, “said Kamya.

Kamya Punjabi was married to Bunty Negi in 2003. They divorced in 2013. They also have a daughter named Ara. Seven years after the divorce, Kamya got married to Shalabh Dang for the second time last year. Even then, there was a lot of trolling on Kamya Punjabi due to her second marriage.

“You mean, like, even a girl can develop, I want to cut her throat,” said Kamya Punjabi.

Even after marriage, Kamya was a troll

This time about her marriage and trolls, Kamya had said, “I am a troll on social media. People say that there is no such thing as separation or divorce in our family. But divorce is a very painful word. God forbid that such a thing should happen to anyone. Our society uses this word like a swear word. If someone is divorced, someone wants to start a new life, someone has a single parent, they are trolled. People don’t support them, “she said.

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