Bangalore: The atrocities against women in the country are increasing day by day. This raises the question of the safety of women, even minor girls. As the debate on the same issue began in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the women MLAs reacted angrily, venting their emotions. He demanded that the rapist should have his genitals amputated without public punishment, that he should be publicly mutilated, and that the rapist should be confronted on the lines of Telangana.

A woman was recently gang-raped in Mysore. This is the second incident of rape in the last 15 days. This stirred the social and political atmosphere in the state. The same issue was discussed in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Friday. MLA of Khanapur Marathi speaking constituency in Belgaum district, Dr. Anjali Nimbalkar raised these issues with the authorities.

She said, “Women are held responsible for the atrocities committed against them and the abuser Rajaros behaves stubbornly in the society. As a gynecologist, we have often seen the suffering of women and girls who have been raped. Therefore, the rapist should be punished without trivial punishment, his genitals should be amputated, he should be punished with mental anguish for the rest of his life.

MLA Dr. Anjali Nimbalkar said, “Ordinary punishment does not have much effect on criminals. The rapist will die without pain. Therefore, his genitals should be trimmed. Doing so will help the rapist to remember his actions every day. He will be able to feel the pain of the victim and he will be mentally paralyzed. ”

MLA Vinisha Nero said, “Posters of rape should be spread everywhere. People should be taken out by the police in public. So the rapist will feel a little sham. ” Mysore MLA SR Mahesh referred to the 2019 rape encounter in Telangana. He said that rapists in Karnataka should be confronted on the same lines.

MLA Rupa Shashidhar said, “Society should change its attitude towards women. Due to delays in the judicial process, women do not come forward to complain about the atrocities committed against them. ”



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