In Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation received a list of 295 passengers from abroad. 109 of them are still out of touch.

From South Africa In Kalyan Dombivali A 33-year-old man who came was infected with omecron. After this, it became clear that four members of the same family who came to Dombivali from Nigeria became infected with corona. Therefore, the corporation has become alert. The corporation has conducted RT-PCR test on their relatives and occupants of the building. However, out of 295 received by the municipality, 109 have not been contacted yet. The Municipal Commissioner himself informed about this in a press conference today.

According to the information given by the commissioner, “The municipal government has received the list of 295 citizens who came to Kalyan Dombivali from different countries. Out of them, antigen testing of 88 citizens was done. Of these, 34 reports have been negative. Reports of the remaining 48 passengers are pending. 109 people on this list have not been contacted yet. Some passengers ‘phones are switched off, while some passengers’ homes are locked. Therefore, the medical staff of the corporation is looking for him. ”

“Action will be taken against those who do not wear masks”

“Rules have been prepared for the citizens coming from abroad. According to this, 14 days house separation has been made mandatory for the citizens coming from abroad. 7 days after the corona test and 7 days after the test quarantine is mandatory. Orders have been issued regarding these rules and action will be taken against those who do not wear masks in Kalyan-Dombivali area from tomorrow. For this, the corporation will take joint action with the police, ”informed Commissioner Vijay Suryavansh.

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Meanwhile, in the KDMC area, the first dose of 72% of citizens and the second dose of 52% of citizens have been completed.

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