He was trying to impress the girls by doing stunts on the sports bike, but in the mood to impress the girls, he got his own humiliation. Take a look at this funny video.

The world of social media is full of funny videos. Many such funny videos are watched and uploaded here daily. Some of these videos are so funny that as soon as they are shared, they go viral on social media and are widely viewed. One such video is currently going viral on various platforms. This video is of a boy who was trying to impress the girls by doing stunts on a sports bike, but in the mood to impress the girls he got his own humiliation. This funny video has been viewed more than seventy thousand times and netizens have also liked it.

In a few seconds of video that is going viral on social media, many people are seen standing in the same place with sports bikes. It is expected that a race will take place here. Then the camera zooms in on the boy on the sports bike. To impress the girls, he calls them and asks them to sit down. As soon as both of them get on the bike, he starts performing stunts. But then something happened that made you laugh. As you can see, the boy lost control while riding his bike to perform a stunt, and the bike collided head-on with another bike parked directly nearby.

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Check out this viral video here:

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The video was shared on a Twitter account called The Darwin Awards. In this video, it is difficult for people to smile when they see the humiliation of a boy who went to do stunts in a big shining. This video is so funny that you can’t resist the temptation to share it with people. People seem to be enjoying this video. At times, even overconfidence can cause us to become overwhelmed.

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The video has gone viral on social media. So far, this video has received over 76,000 views. More than 1,400 people have liked this video. However, no information has been released about the date and time of this video.

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