By adopting these yogasanas you can control your high blood pressure.

People around the world suffer from high blood pressure. Blood pressure is a problem that can lead to heart problems, diabetes, swelling of the feet, swelling of the eyes and so on. Hidden in the body can be your worst enemy. According to the WHO, more than 200 million people in India suffer from high blood pressure every year.

High blood pressure is one of the problems caused by stress, work stress, uncontrolled eating and unhealthy lifestyle. According to health experts, this condition is called high blood pressure when blood pressure rises on the walls of blood vessels. Normal blood pressure level in a healthy person is 120 / 80mmHg. However, if the blood pressure reading is less than 90/60 mmHg, it is considered low.

If you have been taking blood pressure medication for a long time and it still doesn’t make any difference, then according to yoga guru Baba Ramdev, you can control your high blood pressure by adopting these yogasanas. So let’s learn that by adopting these yogasanas you can control both low and high blood pressure.

Yogasana to cure low blood pressure


According to yoga guru Baba Ramdev, excessive exercise and excessive sweating sometimes lower blood pressure. In addition, low blood pressure can be caused by dehydration. This can lead to heart failure. The practice of Matsyasana Yoga can cure low blood pressure. In this position you lie on the ground, then lift your chest off the ground, keep your head on the ground and keep your arms straight on the ground.

Padma Sarangasana

Doing Padma Sarangasana improves blood circulation in the brain and thyroid gland. It refreshes the body. In this, lying on the ground, first straighten the legs, then bend slightly from the knees and keep the arms straight on the ground.

Yoga to cure high blood pressure


You can also do this seat after lunch and dinner. This posture helps in maintaining good blood circulation. Bend your knees and sit on your feet and then place your hands on your knees.


Adopting this asana reduces body fat, thus reducing weight. It also reduces stress, which in turn lowers high blood pressure. Straighten the legs in this seat and hold the legs with the hands. Do this for 10 minutes.

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