The importance of soil for global food security is paramount.

World Soil Day is celebrated on 5th December every year. The importance of soil for global food security is paramount. Rapid urbanization in recent times, cement roads are causing more soil erosion. At the same time, the process of soil erosion is on a large scale due to over-use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, deforestation for urbanization and industrialization and many other reasons. It only takes 800 to 1000 years for a layer of fertile soil to form.


Soil erosion is largely due to changing human lifestyles, environmental degradation and many other factors. Therefore, in order to create awareness in this regard, the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 decided to celebrate World Soil Day on 5th December. The day is organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The aim is to create awareness about soil among farmers as well as common people.


Every year a different theme is created during the celebration of Soil Day and awareness for soil conservation is created on that basis throughout the year. The theme of this year’s Soil Day is “halt soil salinization boost soil productivity”.


Protecting the soil means protecting all living things. About 95% of the world’s food comes from soil. Also, soil is home to 25 percent of all living things on earth. The quality of fruits, vegetables and food grains depends on the quality of the soil. At present, the conservation of this soil is facing a big challenge of climate change.

Learn why soil should be cared for

Soil is a living source and more than 25% of the planet’s life.

About 95% of our food comes from soil. The quality and quantity of fruits, vegetables and grains depends on soil health.

Soil organisms are constantly working to sustain life on Earth.

Soil helps combat climate change and global warming.

What should we do to stop soil pollution?

Avoid using plastic.

Choose eco-friendly, gardening, cleaning and personal care products.

Carefully dispose of hazardous waste such as batteries.

Compost your food waste Eat a plant-based diet.

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