Mahatma Gandhi born on 2 Oct, 1869 in Gujarat. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His mother Name was Putalabai and his wife name was Kasturba Gandhi. He went to South Africa for work. In South Africa he faced a lot of injustice. He established a Natal Indian congress in South Africa. He was returned India in 1915 . First he went to Gujrat and he established a Ashram in Sabarmati.

He saw a injustice of British government about farmers and workers . He started a champaranya Satyagraha ( movement for justice ) . In Ahmedabad Many workers was starting demand to increase their salary. Gandhi ji started a movement against British . And British was accepted their demands. After a death of lokma Nya tilak Mahatma Gandhi started a leading national conference.

Non co-operation movement ~ for making India free from British

a mahatma Gandhi started a non co-operative movement against British. People were starting to don’t co-operate a government. Swadeshi movement~ Gandhi ji start a Swedish movement. But what is a Swadeshi? Swadeshi is use products which are made in India. According, to the Gandhi “only and only use of Swadeshi was made India powerful in the world, by doing this we have great opportunity to a building business in India and that create a lot of employment in India”. This was basic thought of Mahatma Gandhi. This was very simple thought but very powerful thought by Gandhi ji.

Dandiyatra – it’s also called a movement for Sault. He break a law of Sault made by British government. In 1962 he established Hari Jan society in India. He also started a newspaper Harrigan. His last movement was ‘Go back movement’ in India against British which happened in 1942. He announced that time this is a do or die situations for India. He was one of the most powerful personalities in India

Books- he wrote his autobiography a name was ‘my experiment with truth’. He is called Mahatma mean great soul and he also called a father of India. He took his last breath in 30 Jan 1948. In 30 Jan a grand chapter of great leader ended.


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