In the end, the interpretation of this video and this tweet, as mentioned in the video, seems to be on January 21, 2022.

The film, starring Salman Khan and Ayush Sharma, as well as Marathi Big Boss, has been making headlines for the last few days. Now it has come under discussion once again. One of the reasons for the discussion about him this time is his tweet and the video he shared.

The video is currently hotly debated on social media. He tweeted this from his Twitter account. They have shared a video. This video challenges viewers over the age of 18. In this video, it is said that spectators above 18 years of age should come to the theater only if they have the breath. Immediately after that, the letters Nai Varanbhat Loncha Kon Nai Koncha are coming down, along with the date 21 January 2022 is also seen below.

Mahesh Manjrekar says in a tweet with this video, , In your nearest theater from 2022 ”.

From this, the audience must have guessed that this will be Mahesh Manjrekar’s new film. But what exactly is this movie going to be like, after showing in the video, is this a thriller movie or what the audience thinks. In the end, this video and this tweet will be interpreted as mentioned in the video.

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