Promptness in every complaint; All places are under CCTV surveillance

Suhas Birhade
Vasai: The police have prepared a special ‘master plan’ to prevent incidents of rape and the three-pronged approach of prompt action, sensitivity and strong evidence will be used. By finding secluded places in the city, all the places will be brought under the surveillance of CCTV.

Maharashtra is shaken by the incident of inhuman rape of a woman at Sakinaka in Mumbai. The Chief Minister had instructed all police chiefs to curb such incidents in future. According to the notification, the Mira-Bhayander Vasai-Virar Commissioner of Police has prepared a ‘master plan’ to prevent incidents of sexual harassment against women. Police Commissioner Sadanand Date informed about this at a meeting of police officers on Tuesday. Immediate and long-term measures have been formulated.

Giving information about this, Commissioner of Police Sadanand Date said that all the areas in the city, secluded areas will be brought under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. So that a protective shield will be formed. A list of deserted places in the city will be compiled. There will be regular patrols. Lights will be installed in dark areas. Correspondence will be sent to the municipality for this. Police escorts will be deployed outside the railway station premises at night. The number of women sitting in the rickshaw after getting off the station at night and the number of the rickshaw driver will be recorded in the diary. So that the rickshaw puller has an indirect control. The number of police patrols in the city will be increased.

Sensitivity and readiness

Special instructions have been given by Commissioner Date to bring sensitivity and promptness in every crime of women. Instructions have been given to treat women with courtesy, take immediate notice of their grievances, conduct a speedy investigation, gather strong evidence for effective conviction, and file a chargesheet without errors. Further serious offenses can be prevented if complaints are addressed in a timely manner. Preventive action will also be taken against criminals in Sarai, informed Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijaykant Sagar.

Skywalks have been built in the city to exit the railway station. However, these skywalks are not used much by the citizens and they are deserted. This is the place where lovers come and go as it is dark. Considering the possibility of possible crimes, the police are planning to close the airstrip at night and a proposal will be submitted to the Railways and the municipal administration.

Other long-term measures

  • To compile a list of criminals in the city
  • Check the list of all rickshaw pullers from the rickshaw owners
  • Interrogating women living on the sidewalk and keeping their records
  • Immediate filing of chargesheets in serious criminal cases
  • To create awareness by holding corner meetings within the boundaries of each police station
  • To activate women vigilance committees
  • Increasing patrols, questioning single women

The safety of the citizens of the city, especially women, is a top priority. We are taking various measures to make women feel safe. Complaints related to women have been instructed to be resolved promptly and sensitively.

Sadanand Date- Commissioner of Police, Mira Bhayander Vasai Virar


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