NEW DELHI: With the pandemic making online education a way of life and growing exposure to social media and virtual interactive platforms increasing the vulnerability of children to exploitation, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has put together detailed guidelines on cyber security in its manual on safety of children in schools.
From prevention of cyber bullying to emerging concerns like “cyber grooming” for sexual abuse and exploitation and addiction to “gaming”, the updated manual has compiled a set of dos and don’ts and shared it on the commission’s website. The norms emphasise on the need for schools to frame cyber safety rules and puts the onus on them to orient administrators with the latest tools that can be used to monitor the sites visited by students and teachers.
The NCPCR will be soon sending out the manual to education boards like CBSE and key stakeholders responsible for implementation at the state level too. It hopes the chapter on cyber safety in the manual will enable schools to use standardised information to set up mechanisms to prevent and respond to cyber threats. The manual also provides a step by step guide on how and where to report cases of cyber bullying and abuse.

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