Subhash Chandra Bose born on 23 Jan, 1897 in Katak. He passed his B.A in 1919. He passed an Indian civil service exam in 1920. He was left a civil service. And he jump in Indian freedom movement. He was first person in India who left a civil service for freedom movement. He went a jail for supporting revolutionary people. He was elected as a general secretary in youth congress. He was demanded a full freedom to British. He was a chair person of hairpur congress league.

He won an election against Pattabhi sitaramya. But many members in congress don’t support him. So that’s why he was resigned. Forward block ~ he was established forward block for fighting against British government. When Britishers busy in Second World War. He took great profit of it.

He started to encourage a people for an armed movement against British government. He gave a speech against Britishthat’s why British government caught him and made him jail. He ran away from jail and he went to Germany. In Germany he meted a Hitler. He started azad hind radio in Germany.

He gave a speech against British by this radio. But he was recognized that this not proper way for freedom. He went to Japan. He was starting to make azad hind army in Japan. He started to break British by azad hind army. Azad hind army was depended on Japan, Germany. but in Second World War England and America won against Germany and Japan.

Because of that Japan took back his support from azad hind army. That’s why azad hind army took back from freedom movement. In 1992 he was respected by Bharatratna. In last 18 Aug 1945 he left a world. A cleverer person in India left the world. In my views, he had great leadership power than others


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