BEIJING – News of China’s alleged economic strength and manufacturing hub is spreading everywhere. However, there are reports that China may be able to support the United States in terms of infrastructure, or even move closer to the United States. Even now, similar news has come from that country regarding power shortage.



Despite the growing demand for electricity, power supply to many parts of China is being cut off for certain hours every day due to unavailability of coal reserves to meet the demand, the report said. Due to scarcity, they have to do this load shedding or what we call load shedding. The manufacturing process of many Chinese factories has been adversely affected. Earlier, the corona crisis led to a decline in industrial production. China’s industrial output is now declining due to lack of electricity.



On many important roads, side lights as well as traffic regulation signals are off. Water purification projects and water supply systems have been shut down due to power shortages. As a result, billions of citizens are facing water scarcity. The closure of elevators has affected people living in tall buildings. Due to lack of electricity, the mobile network has collapsed. The high antennas that signal the mobile are off due to lack of electricity, according to a report on a website.



Relying mainly on thermal energy, China imports large quantities of quality coal from Australia every year. As a result, China meets its electricity demand on the back of both domestic production and imported coal. But after a dispute with Australia, China stopped importing coal. China decided to buy coal from countries other than Australia. But other countries failed to meet China’s demand and a coal shortage ensued in China. Thermal energy production declined as supply fell short of demand for coal. This led to a power crisis in China.



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