Numerology is like astrology. Many use arithmetic for car and phone numbers.

Numerology is like astrology. Many use arithmetic for car and phone numbers. Some find the numbers lucky. For those who have 6 children, this year 2022 can be very auspicious. Career advancement is possible. There may be some ups and downs in a love affair, but financially this new year is going to be lucky. Job seekers will have ample opportunity to make an impression this year. The investment is likely to pay off. Bank balance may increase. Born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month, they have 6 children.

This year will also be good for the children who are studying. People who are preparing for government jobs are more likely to get good results. There will be no shortage of work. Take full advantage of the opportunities this year. Significant increase in income is expected. Money can be earned through different means. You can also invest in real estate. The new year will be good for professionals. The business will expand. The vehicle and the house are likely to be comfortable. Venus is auspicious in the horoscope of people with this date of birth, especially for them, this year will prove to be an increase in comforts.

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There can be some challenges in love life. There will be a quarrel with the spouse for one reason or another. But disputes will soon be resolved. Married people need to stay away from arguments. The career will have the full support of the spouse. Avoid changing jobs this year. You have the potential to benefit from the job you are working for.

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