Court of Social Institutions in Navi Mumbai against the decision of Urban Development Department

Navi Mumbai: Many social activists and organizations in Navi Mumbai are going to raise their voice against the decision of the Urban Development Department to make reservation on plots up to 500 square meters only. Jaipuriyar, a central school in Sanpada Sector 18 on Palm Beach Road, has filed a PIL against the sale of CIDCO’s low educational land, while Vashi social activists Nishant Bhagat and Sunil Garg have also approached the court seeking publication of the development plan. However, with the consent of the Urban Development Department, political leaders in Navi Mumbai have been slammed by CIDCO for selling large plots of land in the municipal area.

CIDCO has tampered with the development plan prepared by Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation 30 years after its establishment. In the draft development plan prepared by the municipality two and a half years ago, reservation was applied on about 556 small and large plots. If the Urban Development Department had given immediate permission to publish the development plan approved by the General Assembly in February 2020, CIDCO would have had to close down its existing land sale business.

The municipality had reserved some vacant plots considering the next 25 years of city planning. As CIDCO objected to this reservation of the corporation, the corporation showed readiness to lift this reservation on about 350 plots. Bhushan Gagrani, Secretary, Urban Development Department, has directed the Municipal Corporation and CIDCO to resolve this dispute amicably. However, the development plan prepared by the municipality has become nominal as the same department has stated that the municipality can place reservation on CIDCO land up to 500 square meters only.

Jaipuriyar, a Central Board school in Sanpada Sector 18, has been asked to provide at least one acre of land for the overall development of the students. CIDCO has earlier allotted plots of land of more than one acre to educational institutions. What is special is that this plot is also allowed to be used by the budding players of the area. CIDCO has allotted only 2,500 square meters of land to the school. The school has raised the question of how the students will play different games. The Central and State Governments are appealing for the promotion of various sports. CIDCO has provided hundreds of acres of land for sports like golf. However, CIDCO has been reluctant to give large plots to students. Therefore, this organization has filed an associate petition in the public interest petition filed for publication of the development plan. Social activist Nishant Bhagat has filed the PIL, which will be heard on December 15.

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