After completing their education, many spend their years looking for a job. If you get a job, you don’t get the salary you want. So you have to work till the age of decline. However, many are shocked to see the earnings of a ten-year-old girl. Given her earnings, she can retire comfortably at the age of 15. The girl has a Mercedes worth Rs 14 million at this age. A girl named Pixie Curtis was helped by her mother Roxy to start a business. Surprisingly, in the last one month, Pixie has earned more than 14 million. According to a report in The Mirror, Pixie, who lives in Australia, makes fidgets and colorful popping toys with her mother. These toys have more demand than supply. Pixie also owns a hair accessory brand made by her mother Roxy herself. It includes very stylish and beautiful headbands, clips and other accessories.

“The proudest thing for me is that my daughter has such a young entrepreneur. This talent was never in me. I wanted to be successful too. But my daughter has fulfilled my dream of starting a business at such a young age, “said Pixie’s mother. “I myself was 14 years old when she was working at McDonald’s. And the salaried man wanted to earn as much as he could. My daughter gave me the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. And the good news is that my daughter got everything at such a young age, which I am getting now, ”she added.

Pixie’s father is a successful entrepreneur. Roxy and Oliver Curtis were married in 2012. The couple lives in a mansion worth Rs 49.72 crore.

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