A video about the 500 note is currently going viral

People have been aware of counterfeit notes since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the ban. Every day new news comes out especially regarding 500 and 2000 notes. Meanwhile, a video about the 500 note is currently going viral.

A video is currently going viral on social media. It differentiates between 500 notes, one of which is genuine and the other counterfeit. This video is likely to cause misunderstandings among many people.

The claim made in the video is incorrect

The video states that do not take any note of Rs. It has been claimed in the video that the note with the diamond stripe next to the photo of Mahatma Gandhi is fake.

Both the notes are shown in the video to mislead the people. But this video is fake. According to RBI, both the 500 notes are valid. This means that both the note with the green stripe near the signature of the RBI governor and the note with the green stripe next to Gandhi’s photograph are genuine.

According to PIBFactCheck, quoting RBI, both the notes are genuine and have been accepted. People are urged not to fall prey to this video. After the central government banned denominations in 2016, 500 new notes were introduced in the market.

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