Decision of Municipal Commissioner after discussion with Education and Health Department

Navi Mumbai: The state government had decided to start schools in the Mumbai metropolitan area from December 1 due to the mutation of corona, Omycron. The Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner on Tuesday announced the decision to start schools in the city from December 15 after holding a meeting of officials to discuss the issue.

What will be the status of the spread of this new mutant virus in the city will come to light in the next fortnight. Municipal education officials said that the decision to start the school was postponed.

Currently, there are 8th to 12th standard schools in urban areas. The decision to start all the schools from December 1 was announced by the education department. It was approved by the health department and a team of doctors. However, fears of Omaykron raised the question of whether to start primary schools. However, the state government on Monday insisted on the decision to start the school. However, the government had asked the local administration to take a decision regarding the Mumbai metropolitan area.

On Tuesday, Municipal Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar held a meeting of Health and Education Department in the afternoon. The meeting was discussed with the health department. Omicron severity, its infection, spread were reported. Therefore, more information will come out about the intensity of omicron in the future. Therefore, it was decided in this meeting that schools will start from 15th December instead of 1st December.

The school was ready to start from December 1. However, the Municipal Commissioner has decided to start the school from 15th December. So now the schools will be started as per the next order.

Sudhir Thale, Headmaster, Rafnaik Vidyalaya

The children have only four months left in the academic year. Corona infection has not yet been averted and new types are emerging. Climate change also makes children sick. So in the current situation does not agree to send children to school.

Amit Bandhkar, Palak Kot

Our children are not ready to go to school because of this new type of corona. We do not agree to send them to school until their vaccine is available.

-Satish Sankaran, Parent

Welcome from parents

As the school will start from 1st December, there is an atmosphere of happiness among the students along with their parents. However, Omaykron had again created an atmosphere of fear. So if the school starts, should the children be sent to school or not? There was confusion about this. Parents are relieved that the Municipal Commissioner has decided to start the school and they have welcomed this decision.

The Municipal Commissioner held a meeting with the Health Department and the Education Department and discussed about starting a school. Currently, citizens from Africa are coming to Mumbai and Pune. Therefore, the study of the infection, its spread and severity of omecron, information is being taken. As a precaution, it was decided to start school late.

Jaideep Pawar, Education Officer, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation

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