Senapati Bapat was born on 12Nov 1880, His real name was Pandurang Mahadev Bapat. He passed his B.A in Pune. He decided his mindset in his college that he want to fight for Indian freedom against British government. He did a job of teacher in Mumbai. He goes to England for mechanical engineering.

He gave many speeches on Indian freedom, British government in India and also on freedom of Hindi. When Mumbai University remembers that thing, Mumbai University cancelled his scholarship because of going against British

He goes to Paris for education of bomb. He returns India in 1908. But he planned to blast a parliament in London by bomb. But because of some issue this plan was cancelled.

After five years Bapat left a revolutionary work and started social work India. He did a job of teacher for some days. He started to clean roads. He left a way of weapons and bomb etc. he influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and started social work peacefully. He worked in MARATHA.

In Pune, British government started to build a bridge for manufacturing electricity. In this dam 54 villages will goes under water and huge farming place will goes under water. This will make a big loss of farmer so that why Bapat started movement against British government. He went to jail cause of starting movement against British. By this movement he gets new name by people, a name was ‘SENAPATI’.

He also participates in swadeshi movement. Subhash Chandra Bose made him a chair person of ‘forward block. Senapati Bapat participated in ‘go back movement’ against British.

In short, He goes against British. For Indian people and also did a job of social servant. Without any shame feeling he cleaned a road. He goes to jail for Indian people but continues his work after returning from a jail. This all says that this person had extraordinary qualities and he had great love of country in his heart. We lose him on 28 Nov, 1967. Salute to your work sir.


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