Along with how to eat almonds, it is important to think about how many almonds to eat in a day. Learn more

Doctors advise you to consume almonds regularly as they contain health nutrients. The benefits to the body of this small dried fruit are amazing. It contains protein, fiber, fat, vitamin E, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and more. These play an important role in weight loss. Almonds are useful not only for weight loss but also for improving heart health and lowering cholesterol.

Along with how to eat almonds, it is important to think about how many almonds to eat in a day. Regular consumption of almonds helps in eliminating heart, brain, skin and hair related disorders. Almond consumption is also beneficial in diabetes, cough, anemia, respiratory diseases. Almond consumption improves digestion and the body’s metabolic rate. Almond consumption is also beneficial for weight loss. But most people have no idea how many almonds to eat in a day.

According to dieticians, the consumption of almonds should depend on the climate of the place where you live and how much physical activity you do throughout the day. If you live in a hot climate, consume five to six almonds a day. At the same time, it is advisable to eat eight to ten almonds a day as physical exertion is increasing. Excessive consumption of almonds can also cause side effects. These include constipation, certain skin diseases, and excessive sweating.

According to Hrithika Samaddar, Regional Head-Dietitian at Max Healthcare, eat 1 ounce or 28-230 grams of almonds a day, or 22-23 almonds a day.

Hrithika said that almonds are good for health. According to one study, eating a snack on almonds helps reduce belly fat and waist circumference. Eating a handful of almonds every day keeps the weight in balance with heart health.

In addition, dietitian Ritika has dispelled all misconceptions about eating almonds.

Myth: Almonds contain cholesterol.
Fact: Almonds are cholesterol free. They have zero cholesterol. Plant products do not contain cholesterol. Almonds help lower bad cholesterol and are effective for heart patients.



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