Demand from NCP to inquire into the formation committee; Application for dismissal from Assistant Town Planners

Badlapur: Last week, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) had leveled serious allegations against the Kulgaon-Badlapur Municipal Committee, alleging that some officials were leaning towards certain individuals and political parties in the process of forming kutcha wards for the forthcoming municipal elections. Following these allegations, Sudarshan Todankar, a member of the committee and an assistant town planner, has demanded that the chief minister be removed from the committee.

This demand has strengthened our allegations and Ashish Damle has demanded an inquiry by the Economic Crimes Branch. Almost all the municipalities in Thane district are under the control of Shiv Sena party and these elections are likely to be declared in the next few months. For this, work is underway to formulate charges at the municipal level. There were rumors that some political party office bearers, through their senior leaders, were trying to put pressure on the members of the ward formation committee of the municipality to create convenient wards in the ward structure. Last week, NCP city president Ashish Damle had raised eyebrows by saying that the ward formation work in Badlapur city was done sitting in a private resort. This time he was targeting Assistant Town Planner Sudarshan Todankar.

Damle had also lodged a similar complaint with the District Election Officer, Election Commission. Damle had also announced a list of the two existing wards to be added to the two-member ward structure. Therefore, the ward structure in Badlapur was found in dispute. Information about this raw ward structure was also spread on social media. After the allegations against the municipal committee, now the assistant town planner Sudarshan Todankar has demanded that he be relieved of his duties. The same letter was handed over by Todankar to Chief Minister Yogesh Godse on 2nd December. Presenting the letter, Ashish Damle claimed in a press conference on Friday that the allegations made by him were correct. He has also alleged that the letter was handed over after the completion of the construction work. Therefore, Damle has said that he has made a request to Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil that the work of ward formation should be done in a confidential manner and that the Economic Crimes Branch should investigate this officer.

Accused of working honestly ‘

Sudarshan Todankar has demanded to be removed from the committee as allegations are being made even after working honestly. Chief Minister Yogesh Godse has said that he has not received such a letter yet.

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