The air hostess said that the beautiful young ladies who come in front of us on the plane काढ while taking free time from work, the videos of different dances of these beautiful air hostesses are going viral on social media. The dance video of such a beautiful air hostess is going viral. Take a look at this video.

The air hostess said that in front of her, there are beautiful young women who are entertaining on the plane, but in the midst of their work, they may sometimes want to dance as a leisure. Over the last few days, there has been a trend on social media of various dance videos of air hostesses. Many air hostesses are taking time out from their work to share videos of themselves sometimes dancing at the airport and sometimes on the plane. A dance performed by a SpiceJet air hostess to the Sri Lankan song ‘Manike Maage Hithe’ went viral. After that, the same air hostess said ‘Navrai majhi ladachi om.’ Another video on the song went viral. Recently, another new video of this viral air hostess has been circulating on social media. Watch this video once.

The name of the air hostess in this video which is going viral on social media is Uma Meenakshi. Earlier, many of her dance videos went viral on social media. Recently, she danced to the song Lazy Lad, which is currently trending on social media. Everyone is amazed to see the dance moves of the air hostess in this video. In this video, she is seen enjoying the Lazy Lad Dance Challenge.

Lazy Lad’s song is currently making waves on Instagram. If you are an Instagram user, you may have seen reels of celebrities and celebrities by now. Ordinary netizens along with celebrities are seen tiring up the Lady Lad song challenge on Instagram. ‘Lazy Lad’ is a song from the movie ‘Ghanchakkar’ starring Vidya Balan and Imran Hashmi. Netizens are seen doing weird steps on this song. Currently on Instagram, Lazy Lad is doing fun and weird steps accepting the song dance challenge.

How can an air hostess who has gone viral while dancing on such a plane stay behind? SpiceJet air hostess Uma Meenakshi has also jumped into this lazy lad dance challenge. She signed the contract directly at the airport. There is a lot of talk about the expression on her face. In this video, the air hostess is seen shaking in her dress.

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Watch the viral video here:

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Air hostess Uma Meenakshi herself shared the video from her Instagram account yamtha.uma. Netizens love this video. This video has been viewed by over 57,000 people so far. So more than four thousand people liked this dance video. So many users are appreciating her dance in the comments section under this video.


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