Raina has revealed many things in his autobiography ‘Believe’.

Former India batsman Suresh Raina has made some of the biggest revelations of his cricketing career in his autobiography ‘Believe’. Raina also said a lot about former Indian coach Greg Chappell. Now Raina has described in detail the horrors of ragging in his Lucknow hostel.

After being selected for a sports hostel in Lucknow, Raina had to stay in a hostel. He said in his autobiography, “There used to be a special target for seniors who were smart in studies and sports. Seniors used to make junior kids do their personal chores. Different methods of ragging are used. Sometimes they would make a rooster, sometimes they would throw water in their mouths. Whether it was summer or winter, the seniors would put their tea under my bed. His order was that I should come to his room to give him tea before having tea myself in the morning. I was only 11-12 years old then. I used to do these things at half past four in the morning. ”

In his autobiography, Suresh Raina says, “Seniors and juniors used to harass children in various ways. They would throw their dirty clothes in our room or on the bed and it was my responsibility to wash their clothes and deliver them to them. The seniors were looking for different ways to harass me. Sometimes at half past three in the morning they would pour cold ice water, or in the middle of the night they would cut the lawn. ”

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Suresh Raina has told a horrible story in his character. “Once I was going to Agra to take part in a competition. All the seniors were also present. Many had no space, so we sat by the door. The seniors came there to harass us and when the lights went out they started throwing slippers and shoes at us. Just then a tall boy sat on me and started urinating on my face. ”

In the days of the hostel, I often found the people who made my life hell. Now they are happy to talk to me, but I think they easily forgot what they did to me. “Ragging is a bad thing that needs to be stopped. If you are a victim of it, stop feeling guilty and speak out against it,” Raina said in his autobiography.

Suresh Raina makes his ODI debut in Sri Lanka. Raina played 226 ODIs for India in his career and scored 5615 runs. He also took 36 wickets.

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