Umar Riaz, a player in the much talked about and much awaited show ‘Bigg Boss 15’, has been charged with fraud. He has been charged with wearing the clothes of a fashion designer. Omar Riaz is one of the most popular members of Bigg Boss 15. Umar Riaz has a huge fan base. He is the brother of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ runner-up Asim Riaz.

According to information received, Faizan Ansari, a resident of Mumbai, has lodged a complaint against Umar Riaz. Faizan is a fashion designer. He has made serious allegations against Umar Riaz. Faizan has alleged that Omar Riya is wearing clothes designed by him. He has filed a case in the local court in Mumbai in this regard.

“Omar Riaz is a popular contestant in Bigg Boss. He often shares his photos on social media wearing different clothes. Photos of the clothes she is wearing are widely shared on social media. But in all this, Umar Riaz’s PR team does not give any credit to Faizan Ansari. I don’t advertise designed clothes, “said fashion designer Faizan Ansari.

“What is special is that Omar Riaz’s PR team is tagging the photo of his clothes on social media under the name of some other brand. It’s all ‘illegal’, “he said. Not only that, Faizan has also called it a ‘fraud’. “Soon I will bring the real character of Umar Riaz before the people. “Even though Omar is a good person, there is a lot of controversy and I will reveal it soon,” he said.

Faizan has also taken to the streets to protest against this. He had taken to the streets carrying a ‘Boycott Umar’ sign in his hand. This photo of him has been shared by many on social media. This photo is going viral. Meanwhile, no explanation has been given by Umar Riaz or his team in this case

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