After the death of the mother, a shocking incident has come to light where the girl was living with the body without cremation. The girl had kept her mother’s body in the house. The girl had been living with her mother’s body for six months. Eventually the corpse completely decomposed. When this incident came to light, everyone was shocked. Learn the whole case

This has happened in the United States. According to the Daily Star, the 54-year-old woman’s name is Kimberly Heller. Heller hid the body in the house for several months instead of burying it after his mother’s death. She did this so that her mother’s comfort would not be taken away.

Heller did not want his elderly mother to lose her pension, insurance and government benefits. This showed that her mother was alive even after her death. She had been living with her mother’s body for about six months. Meanwhile, the body was completely decomposed.

Heller’s mother died in May, according to police. Heller was arrested on November 18. She had been hiding her mother’s body in the house for so many days. Meanwhile, she did not allow anyone to enter the house. Heller’s mother has not been seen for the past several months and a complaint has been lodged with the police. This type was later revealed.

Police forcibly entered the house and took the body into custody. During the investigation, it became clear that the death was due to natural causes. Police are investigating the matter further.

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