According to the Diabetes Federation of India, about 70 million people in India suffer from this disease.

Diabetes is becoming a serious problem. People with diabetes suffer from a number of serious illnesses due to high blood sugar. Blood sugar is also called ‘slow poison’. According to the Diabetes Federation of India, about 70 million people in India suffer from this disease. Problems such as blurred vision, excessive fatigue, and irritability are common due to high blood sugar.

High blood sugar can lead to heart disease, skin damage, kidney failure and many more. Diabetes causes people to live a life that has neither taste nor health. According to health experts, there is no cure for diabetes.

If the blood sugar level in the body rises then diet is the only solution. It is very important to control your diabetes before it rises. In such cases, these home remedies can help control blood sugar levels. Today we are going to tell you about 5 similar mistakes that are often made by diabetics and adversely affect their health.

Not checking sugar level

If you do not check your blood sugar level in time, your blood sugar will not fluctuate. So check your blood sugar level four times a day after fasting, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can check your sugar level two hours after a meal.

Not exercising

Diabetics also avoid it when asked to exercise. Normal household chores do not exercise your body to that extent. So exercise regularly.

Exercising more

Muscle building is considered very important in diabetes. So people start exercising more in their muscle training, which causes the muscle size to increase faster. Take care of your body while exercising.

Not resting

To relieve muscle tension during exercise, a person needs to get enough rest. But if you don’t give your body a chance to relax completely after exercise, it can harm your body.

Do not eat greens

Diabetics should consume green vegetables like spinach, caraway, milk and cabbage. Because it contains good amount of vitamins, beta carotene and magnesium. So the sugar level stays balanced. At the same time health remains good.

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