Consequences of starting heavy transport; The pit filling is also incomplete

Thane: In order to solve the problem of traffic congestion on the main and internal roads of Thane city, a decision was taken a few days ago to stop heavy traffic till the roads are repaired. However, heavy traffic has been resumed from the city during the day as the road repairs have not been completed yet. It used to take drivers one to one and a half hours to cover the distance of half an hour from Kasheli to Kalyannaka. So the drivers got sick.

The potholes on the roads in Thane city were slowing down the vehicles and causing traffic jams. It was getting heavier due to heavy traffic. Criticism of the system was mounting over the issue. Taking note of this, Thane District Guardian Minister Eknath Shinde had inspected the roads and ordered to fill the pits. He also ordered to stop heavy traffic from Thane city during the day till the roads are repaired. After this order, the problem of traffic jam was solved as heavy traffic was stopped from the city during the day. After that, the local administration along with the Public Works Department, State Road Development Corporation had undertaken the work of filling the pits. The return rains have hampered the work for the past few days, which has led to delays. Meanwhile, the traffic police has decided to resume heavy traffic from the city during the day and this decision has been being implemented for the last three to four days. However, as soon as the traffic resumed, the problem of traffic jams started again in the cities.

Congestion in many places

The traffic police decided to start transporting heavy vehicles for the last four to five days after they started filling potholes in the Saket road area on the Mumbai-Nashik highway. Heavy vehicles are allowed in Thane city from 12 noon to 4 pm and from 11 pm to 5 am. Therefore, heavy vehicles plying from Thane Police Commissionerate area in the morning are stopped at Gaimukh at Ghodbunder, Khoni at Shilphata as well as various areas within the limits of Palghar and Navi Mumbai Police. These vehicles are allowed to enter Thane Commissionerate area after 12 noon. It affected traffic in the city on Tuesday. There was a traffic jam from Kasheli to Kalyannaka in Bhiwandi. Large pits have been dug in Kasheli-Kalher-Purna area. This added to the traffic congestion. The Public Works Department has not even undertaken the task of filling these pits. Also in Kharegaon area on Mumbai-Nashik highway, due to potholes and heavy vehicles, there was a traffic jam from Saket bridge to Anjur Dive. There was a traffic jam in Gaimukh and Anandnagar areas for some time. Therefore, Thanekar, who has been breathing a sigh of relief for the last few days, had to face a traffic jam on Tuesday.


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