Thirteen traffic rules at the intersection in Nerul Sector 6

Navi Mumbai: Traffic jams are on the rise in Navi Mumbai, a well-planned city, due to illegal parking. Despite the ‘No Parking’ sign on the road in Nerul Sector 6, illegal parking is being done there. As a result, there is a major traffic jam in the area.

Lack of adequate parking space for citizens has made it difficult to drive or park on the road. Vehicles are being parked in the same manner at Sarsole Sector 6 near Nerul Chowk on Palm Beach Road.

The intersection leading to Nerul Palm Beach Road was crowded with vehicles coming from Nerul Sector 6, Rajiv Gandhi Flyover and Palm Beach Society. So there is no way to get to Palm Beach. Moreover, due to lack of signal system, this place has become a new place of traffic congestion in Nerul. Citizens are demanding that the traffic department take action against illegal parking and deploy traffic police. Deputy Commissioner of Police Purushottam Karad has promised to take appropriate action against the traffic jam at Sarsole Sector 6 near Palm Beach Road in Nerul.

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