Local after one hour according to new schedule

Navi Mumbai: The Nerul-Kharkopar railway line, which was started two years ago, has been extended from December 1 in the morning and evening.

After leaving Kharkopar-Nerul local at 11.25 am, one hour directly 12. The second round is scheduled for 25 o’clock. So the question is how to get the employees to travel during this time. The number of commuters from this area to Navi Mumbai-Mumbai for work is more. However, since there is no local, one has to travel by private transport. It also costs time and money.

Local service has been started on the 26 km Nerul-Uran route up to 12 km distance to Kharkop in September 2019. This railway line has been started till Kharekop as there is a question of acquisition of some land for taking the train to Uran. The Central Railway is running 10 rounds on this route. The Baman Dongri, Kharkhopar, Ulwe areas on this route have recently witnessed a huge increase in urbanization and the number of people coming to live in these places is high due to the railway service. The Railways has changed the frequency of trains twice in two years. From December 1, the number of round trips has been increased in view of the morning and evening travel time for employees. However, the total number of rounds was not increased. As a result, the number of round trips has been reduced and the waiting time for passengers has increased. There are one to one and a half hour intervals.

The big hurdle for the return journey

Railways have kept the same number of rounds. But the times of the rounds have changed in the rush hour. But after 11.40 am, the train will leave Nerul for Kharkopar at an hour’s distance. Therefore, passengers will have to wait for such a long time. So the changed schedule is of no use to passengers. There is a big problem for the return journey, said Dinesh Sharma, a passenger from Bamandongri. This route has to wait for hours. Therefore, many people choose to travel in private vehicles.

Ravindran S, Pravasi, Kharkopar

There are 6 rounds during rush hour. According to the schedule, trains will be released accordingly.

Anil Jain, Public Relations Officer, Central Railway

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